Next meeting:

Thursday,  November  2,  9:00  A.M.

at  Friends  in  Deed,

301 W. Camino Casa Verde, Green  Valley,  AZ



–  –  –  –  –   November’s  Speakers   –  –  –  –  –

Kara Egbert

Republican member of the Sahuarita Town Council

Nathan Duell

Young Republican activist from Heritage Action (The Heritage Foundation)

Tracy Livingston

Republican candidate for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction


The event is free and open to the public.

Announcement: Strength in Numbers!

In the interest of increasing attendance at our monthly meetings, and thus being able to engage a wider range of top-notch speakers, the Green Valley TeaParty (GVTP) will join with the Republican Club of Green Valley/Sahuarita (RCGV/S) and other conservative groups as the Patriot Alliance. The other groups under this umbrella are the Quail Creek Republican Club (QCRC) and the Sahuarita Tea Party Patriots. Each of our groups will maintain their own identity, but will work together under the Patriot Alliance banner.

The RCGV/S is changing its monthly meetings to the 1st Thursday of every month (the same day as GVTP’s meeting) and, since our agendas are so similar, it seems logical and more efficient for us to combine our groups for monthly general meetings.

Future speakers
Dec  7 For ALL members GV Tea Party Annual meeting and Board of Directors election
Jonathan Gelbart Republican candidate for AZ Superintendent of Public Instruction
Jan   4 Cochise County Sheriff Mack One of the “good guys” enforcing the law at the international border
Feb 17 Lincoln-Reagan Luncheon  Speaker: Laura Wilkerson Laura’s son was murdered horrifically by an Illegal immigrant. Hear Laura’s story and her take on the problem of illegal immigration.

The Green Valley Tea Party promotes conservative views and funds conservative causes.

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