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Thursday,  March 5,  9:00 A.M.  at Friends  in  Deed,  Green  Valley,  AZ

Speaker: A. J. LaFaro,
former chairman of the Maricopa County Republicans
Topic: Why primaries should be open to party members only

Come and hear what a principled constitutional conservative sounds like.  A. J. has distinguished himself as a long time grassroots community activist fighting against bigger government and higher taxes.

A. J. is –

  • Chairman Emeritus, Maricopa County Republican Committee (MCRC)
  • Past Chairman LD17 Republican Committee
  • Chairman of Arizona Citizens Tired of Public Employee Unions
  • A member of the Tempe Tea Party and was just elected National Director of the Arizona Republican Assembly (AzRA).

A. J. joined the Air Force during Vietnam.  After serving 4 years he went back to college and upon graduation worked for Phillips Petroleum as a computer programmer, then went on to advance his career to executive management.  He went to school at night to earn his MBA in Finance.

Come and meet A. J. who has been working for conservative principles and has not hesitated to shine a light on the misdeeds of those within his own party.

He is an example for all of us!

Come and welcome him to our part of the state.  See you there.

The Green Valley Tea Party promotes conservative views and funds conservative causes.

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