Next meeting:

Thursday,  November 5,  9:00 A.M.

at Friends  in  Deed,  Green  Valley,  AZ


The election season is heating up as the weather cools down! 

Bring your friends and neighbors.

Marla Closen  –  Candidate for Pima County Board of Supervisors 



We have a huge and exciting opportunity to tell Pima County we are unhappy with our roads and want 20 years of neglect to be corrected! 

Would you rather complain after the fact or be informed citizens stopping tax increases at the ballot  box with your  NO  Vote on Pima Bonds on November 3, 2015?

Once the entire bond package is defeated, we can go on to replace two ineffective Pima County Supervisors with two people who will seriously fix our road system, and not with shovels of asphalt along the curb!

Pima County has an obligation and a responsibility to fix your roads.

Prop 425 is not going to do that!


NOTE => Pima County Bond Facts website (added June 9, 2015)



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